Friday, 16 February 2007

X marks the spot?

Gulf News' tabloid - Xpress, formerly known has Project X, has been given a March 15 launch date ... March 2007, though I seem to remember it's been "about to launch" for more than a year now, making it the fifth-most delayed project in Dubai after each of the Palms and The World.

It will have a print run of 80,000 - 100,000, apparently. Is that on the Gulf media counting scale, where a copy in the hand is worth two in the named print run?

Gulf Snooze staff say it will compete with 7Days. I'm not quite sure how: it's only going out twice a week. Actually, come to think of it, not sure that even qualifies it to be called a newspaper.


Dubai Media Observer said...

Competing with 7Days is going to be tough, unless Gulf News plans to push the envelope =very= hard with their tabloid's editorial.

You have to remember, 7Days started out as a weekly, so the frequency does not necessarily define the type of publication.

It also means that they get to focus on features more than news, which puts it on a bit of a different league over 7Days. Perhaps the competition between the two will be for advertisers more than it is for the readership.

SIN said...

Tabloid is probably one of the most boring rags that comes out in Dxb..God forbid if Xpress will push the bar even higher...

And with Xpress, how will it be any different from what is already being dished out? As DMO rightly says, 7Days is showcased as a newspaper, while GN already has a broadsheet, so this will be more feature heavy, but will not clash with the gossips that come in tabloid or the serious indepth in Weekend Review or the Unwind and Travel that you get on Saturday.

SO umm...what are we left with? Unless you combine all of them to make one product.