Friday, 9 February 2007

Farewell Campaign

So farewell to Campaign ME, at least from the Serafin stable.

The editorial team got the bad news seconds after putting the last edition to bed.

Allegedly the split between ITP and Haymarket was over revenue sharing. But rumour has it that Campaign is off to Motivate, which has a five magazine deal with Haymarket.

The Spin will be sorely missed, as well as the Campaign blog.


gulf hack said...

The one thing (dare I say, only thing?) people will miss will be The Spin - sadly the rest had become rather hit and miss. The features in Communicate were far punchier.... the joys of a monthly.

Wonder what happens to the Campaign awards? and the entry fees paid? Leaves the door open for the Dubai Lynx awards, but with "extended entry deadline" (tr: not enough people have entered), I can't see my socks being knocked off quite yet.

Anonymous said...

Not true...I will also miss the wonderful selection of photos in Campaign.

"Now Mr self-important ad exec type...just perch on your desk. Now can you do 'moody and mean for me?...frown a little...icy stare...perfect"