Sunday, 28 October 2007

The wrong kind of screen sirens?

From an anonymous contributor -

For all the media locked out of the gala opening of the Middle East International Film Festival, it's interesting to note that Festival Director Jon Fitzgerald has now fled the country before the shit properly hits the fan.

Poor Jon, the only professional involved in the festival is being blamed for everything, including the non-payment of certain key individuals. Yes, those same individuals who would not let the projectionist into the auditorium for the gala screening of Atonement because he did not have a ticket.

Yet another PR catastrophe for the UAE.

Note from DMO: doesn't bode well for the UAE's film festivals - we hear there is trouble at the DIFF mill too.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Crossing the fence

Hardened hacks are throwing down their quills and taking up comfortable jobs on the other side of the fence, either for PR, government, or DubaiInc.

Anyone else swapped newspaperdom for PR? If so, any regrets?

In other news, as you may have noticed we're a bit up against it and would welcome more contributors. Just drop us an email if you are interested. And do it from an anonymous account, not your itp or address.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

It's Toady Time

By popular demand, a discussion about the movings and shakings at Dubai's favourite government newspaper, Emirates Today. And the rest of AMG to boot.

Word has it there are BIG shake up plans afoot (Kane) at ET business.

Speaking of so called "freedom of speech", can anyone enlighten us to the where-abouts of Vix and Nannette from Dubai Eye? The Dubai rumor mill is rife with whispers of letters from high up to pull the show and presenters due to certain remarks said on-air.

But before we start, here's a little video that came our way some time back that explains why AMG is the most successful media company in the United Arab Emirates:

Go wild.

Thursday, 4 October 2007


Let the braying cease! Yes, we've been slack in updating.

We've been too busy checking Facebook every 90 seconds to see if it's been blocked by Etisalat to do any posting/moderating/work. We sent out the work experience juniors to find snippets for DMO but they only came back with tales of exploitation and dissent among the masses - old news.

Situation normal to be resumed as soon as possible.