Monday, 28 February 2011

Motivate moving?

From a source:

(de)Motivate is apparently moving to media city in September (but I won't be holding my breath...why move, when they're living (probably) rent free in that crumby building by Al Tayer Motors in Garhoud? i'm sure the office building is also Al Tayer.

As we know, DMC is crazy expensive floor space, and given the company is too tight to even provide decent tea & coffee/lunch room facilities, hot water in washrooms etc and forces employees to pay for parking while at work, I can't see them forking out for DMC offices. But I could be wrong.

How's everyone else enjoying DMC-life these days? Any old timers remember the peaceful era of just three buildings by the lake, before banks and hotels started crowding in, rents increased tenfold, parking vanished and it all went to general shit?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Emirates 24/7 shift to Yellow Journalism

Emirates 24/7 business changed to Emirates 24/7 few months ago and has many offbeat stories embracing yellow journalism. Is this shift helping Emirates 24?