Sunday, 18 February 2007

Dubai TV's terrifying ad

A flash presentation of bloodshed, carnage and orgiastic violence would be less unsettling than this horror:

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Does this make anyone want to turn on Dubai TV news? Or run for the hills/dunes?


Dubai Media Observer said...

I watched Dubai TV's "emirates news". I watched as the reporter kept asking if everyone was excited when the matches were announced for the tennis tournament. She kept hounding.

I watched it again on numerous occasions, which were so memorable, NOT, to the point that I don't remember what it was about.

To put it mildly, the ad is a true representation of the actual content. So, I would have to say it's a fair enough ad.

secretdubai said...

The traffic lady is scaring me. They could surely have found a more flattering shot.

inmotion said...

They all scare me ..

I think its ridiculous that they couldn't find anyone more relavent to present or more serious looking .. I felt like I was watching the loser's day parade ..

local news yes .. but packaged like it just came out of the candy factory .. .. and not the good kinda candy ..

SIN said...

If you watch it on a loop for a few minutes, they all look like (the traffic lady especially) like evil Jack in the Boxes, with their heads popping in and out...
I seriously need a life...

PS: Are those two skiers in the back beating each other up?

G said...

Dubai Media observer couldn't notice that Emirates News is on Dubai One and not on Dubai TV!!!?
thats ironicn calling yourself an "observer"
Emirates News is about all the local issues in the emirates and since there is no blood shed here, they do not address that issue. it addresses all the issues we are facing in our day to day life in the Emirates

Jay said...

wow that add is well shameful! Emirates News is by far the worst news program I have ever seen. The comment from "G" sounds like she might be one of the scary bobbing head ladies! You owe your producer a smack on the wrist for letting this one out into the public eye G. Plus Dubai TV and Dubai One are the same company!