Saturday, 28 July 2007

The "romance" of media

So which of you esteemed members of the press helped indoctrinate these poor little kiddies? - LINK
DUBAI — In a refreshing departure from tradition, 25 youngsters aged between five and 17, belonging to Kids Press Club, held a Press conference yesterday.

The workshop seems to have had a huge impact on 13-year-old Marziah Rashid’s future plans. She now aspires to be a print journalist, thanks to the trip to a media house. “I would like to take up journalism. I am now confident that I will be comfortable with this profession,” she quips enthusiastically.

Maryam Bin Fahad, Executive Director of DPC, observed that it was an equally exciting opportunity for industry professionals to share their experience and knowledge with the eager bunch of participants. This is the eighth edition of the annual summer media programme hosted by DPC.
"quips enthusiastically" "eager bunch" "refreshing departure from tradition" if this is the kind of journalism the children are exposed to, god save us all when they start working at KT or the Toady.


Anonymous said...

You hate Kids Press Club? Good for you. I'm sure a few minutes with you would cure Marziah Rashid of her interest in journalism.

This is the kind of activity that occurs all over the world - kids taken on career oriented field trips or seminars or camps and then are all wide eyed and enthusiastic and ready to become whatever it is they've just witnessed. Give us a break. This is not indoctrination, it's just showing kids a part of the world they may not know about. What are you expecting? An insight into the nasty, cynical, self righteous idiot you will become if you choose a media career?

Bad journalists use cynicism as a form of self aggrandisement and this blog is full of it. The English language media in Dubai is pretty weak in a lot of places, primarily in the quality of the journalists it attracts. Hopefully some of these kids will take on media careers and you can get back on your high horse and ride out of town.

If this is the worst complaint you have things can't be too bad.

Anonymous said...

But if these poor kids learn everything they know about journalism and working in the media from this mad town then they will be eaten alive if they ever, by some miracle, get a job in a more mature (read: proper) media market. The only way the media in this city will ever grow up is for the ideas of people who have come here from other places to be taken on board.

Er, let me rephrase - I mean the ideas of people who have come here from other places who are not here because Dubai is the only place who have them, owing to being sacked, convicted or otherwise discredited back home.

Nor should these poor kids be influenced by the people who come out here and should know better but rather than trying to improve standards just embrace the culture of mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I shouldn't worry about little Marziah.
Once she sees how poorly journalism pays she'll be re-assessing her goals.

Serafin's bitch said...

Today's 5days has a good interview in it. Show that to the little ones alongside the Toady's infamous 'British trash' piece (a racist interview that was wupposed to be a food feveiw) to compare and contrast

Anonymous said...

Half of what is written here (on this blog) is straight out racism. The undercurrent of cultural superiority is nauseating. This town isn't that mad, much as you all wish it was, and that comment about how much journalism pays just highlights an interesting point about the original thread: little Marziah doesn't even factor in salary because she's just a little kid who went to see some grown ups doing a cool job and wants to be like them. There's a definite line between cynicism (apparently the journalist's birthright) and being mean spirited. One is frequently droll and amusing, the other is just ugly and boring.

'british trash at its finest' said...

"Half of what is written here (on this blog) is straight out racism. The undercurrent of cultural superiority is nauseating."

This is almost perfect, just substitute 'on this blog' for 'in the government-owned media' and you'll be bang on the money.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 13:49, get off your high horse because all we can smell down here is the hot air coming out its arse. If you seriously think this place is a mature, sophisticated media market,then you are either naive, stupid or another mediocre moron.

eager participant said...

13:49 was Serafin's Bitch. You're probably referring to 08:23.

I'm not in journalism, I'm in advertising. I'm not from UK, I'm from India.

I've been here 18 years now: all I can say is that the quality of journalism in this country is abysmal. Appallingly abysmal. If there were better words to describe it, I'd use them, but I can't find any.

Personally, I attribute this situation to the fact that the freedom of the press does not exist here. When you've bound and gagged a journalist, and then put a pen in his hand, what do you expect him to write?

Just what you tell him? And then you bring kids in to see what a glorious profession this is?

The message from the government is simple: we don't need writers, thinkers or philosophers here. What we need is banality, mediocrity and lapdogs. And we'll get them. Pen-pushers who mostly can't spell, but will nevertheless "gush enthusiastically" at the next ribbon-cutting ceremony.

As far as I can make out, that's what this blog is about. Prisoners sitting around in their cells and bitching amongst themselves. A lament for what could have been.

(P.S.: as far as mediocrity and banality are concerned, the advertising scene here is not far behind.)

Anonymous said...

Some people here are suffering a severe humour bypass.

Knowing the DPC for what it is, I found the blog post quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

Well, post something even mildly witty or satirical or just plain funny and we'll see. Until then, who can say who has had a humour bypass?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eager participant, I was indeed referring to the idiocy of Anonymous at 8.23. That'll teach me to post without my glasses on. And I completely agree with your post. The media here has a lot of growing up to do and positive change won't come fast.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Anonymous post 8:23 did it say anything about this place being a mature, sophisticated media market? Both of your posts are nothing but unimaginative abuse - morons, idiots etc. - words you no doubt picked up at your last mature, sophisticated dinner party.

I put it to you that you are in fact an idiot and a moron. Hah! Take that!

Anonymous said...

This asinine comment: "This town isn't that mad, much as you all wish it was" implies that 8.23 does thinks this town is sane and normal - and sane, normal cities do have mature media markets. This place does not have such a thing and won't for a very long time. 8.23 is clearly living in a fantasy land bursting with the joys of springtime and the joyous laughter of little children.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's some seriously Aristitolean logic you're applying there!

You're right, it's all so mad and crazy, only through your natural cunning and freakish intelligence do you manage to navigate it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. And the cops say there are no drugs in Dubai...

Anonymous said...

Idiots, morons, drug takers - your arguments are well thought out and compelling. I surrender to your razor sharp intellect.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8.23's naivety would be so cute if it wasn't so pathetic. Perhaps he/she/it wrote this letter in 5Days:

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with 8:23 and the sentiment is anything but naivety. I think the point is that if you've been around you'll come to learn that Dubai isn't as crazy and strangled by authoritarianism as many people seem to be saying. Not when compared to so many other places in the world. And I have to agree also that a lot of comments seem to show some degree of cultural disdain, or racism by any other measure. The insults are a little over the top - you must really hate it here. The airport's not hard to find.

Anonymous said...

The UAE ranks a dismal 77th on the World Press Freedom Index, alongside Senegal. We are behind Bolivia, El Salvador and Israel. People here who complain about the lack of press freedom and general crap that goes on in the media here don't necessarily hate the place but they might just want to help change this place for the better rather than just accepting the status quo.

It's not about racism, it's about letting this place benefit from the experience of people who have worked elsewhere. This entire country depends on the expertise of expats in pretty much every industry.

And the "you know where the airport' line is tired, dull and belongs on the 7Days forums. If you've had to take a bank loan to pay the ridiculous rent here, for example, it might not be quite so easy to just go home.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anon_Hack doesn't "hate Kid's Press Club", perhaps he/she just doesn't want kids growing up to be writers like this one:

'“I would like to take up journalism...” she quips enthusiastically.'

Anonymous said...

This blog is not about media in Dubai.
It is about ET (and ITP, occasionally) as seen by some 7-8 UK expats and ex employees.
There is no problem with that, as long as you don't pretend to be representative.

Najit M said...

New to posting, but have lurked on occasion. This is my opinion only and I trust I am entitled to it without being lambasted, lol.

Gosh ...

Is someone able to explain why these blogs appear critically important in "making your day"? It's almost as if scathing "insider" remarks and lynch-mob mentality in a pseudonym-based writing style (especially over the Internet) affords some people some bizarre form of satisfaction.

If it makes you feel good, go ahead ... but why put names out there? And do you think people the world over may care about these anal issues? What's the point of name-bashing? Or are you guys losers that came to this country with that oh-so-typical British "control" joy-stick and when things are not done YOUR way, then it's clearly the WRONG way? I'm waving the white flag and admitting this general sweeping statement is based on my own assumptions ... however, the number of Brit journos I've met really do think they know it all.

If it's so rotten here, why don't you return to your 'perfect' world or home-towns and eek out a living there? Seriously I have to ask, WHY are you even here? If you couldn't make a difference while you had the opportunity at all these media houses (with all your experience). Are you being constructive as an anonymous poster bringing up other people's faults.

Why name people? Who are you to judge? Let them fall on their own, which they inevitably will do - case in hand: the "chief" who championed the air-waves on a solo 2-hour flight one fine October morning in 2005 and then went on to be fired from several further "chief" posts to the most recent, and again, fired TV "chief", we'd all know who you were talking about.

Laughing and sneering behind masks in public gets you ... where? Dxb Media Observer is really: Dubai Media Personnel Attacker. Can't wait until it's my turn. Or, have I already been doused by your in-flam-ous (sic) tongues, lol... Hmmmm. Doesn't budge me one iota. Stay happy and keep moaning ... yawwwnnn.

Anonymous said...

najit you clearly care enough to write several hundred words here, if you don't like it go home

Najit M said...

Anon: Ahhh, typical response: "if you don't like it, go home...". You're also assuming I am not AT home. Yes, of course I care which is precisely why I have read up a couple of times. Do YOU care? Seems not, lol.

Just seems (to me) most comments in here fall under veils of secrecy. As if there's a private license to seek out and destroy. So be it. However I ask: does your published and paid for work(s) not provide a sense of achievement in your chosen careers? Does belittling, trashing, sneering, jeering and defaming others .... and feeling pleased to use expose names (while users safe-guard their own identity) make posters feel good?

Once in a while 'tyrants' appear in every occupation and every walk of life. They're responsible for their own notoriety. But here, it's a cattle market for being judged, named, shamed and blamed.

Again: typical lynch-mob mentality but this is, once again, in my opinion. Limited, right or wrong, it's purely my opinion.

ps: if you don't like the number of words I used (good of you to bother enough to even count...) then contact the owner and ask him to reduce the number of characters allowed.

Nevertheless, continue: remain happy in constant sniping, if that's what blows your hair back.

From Naj - the IT Man ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone had a go at the oblivious short-haired, high-profile girl. Is she accessible?

Anonymous said...

Carrying a loose thread unwoven by Najit forward....

"case in hand: the "chief" who championed the air-waves on a solo 2-hour flight one fine October morning in 2005 and then went on to be fired from several further "chief" posts to the most recent, and again, fired TV "chief", we'd all know who you were talking about."

It would appear that He of little stature and complex social issues is not the only recent loss of what was Dubai's only attempt at an independant local television station.

Following his termination with immediate effect, it now appears a number of higher-ups have "jumped the preverbial ship" before it really and truly goes under. Anyone have the inside scoops?

Speaking of inside scoops...anyone know what this new radio station Coast FM is all about? Who's is it? Who's running it? Are they ever going to 'launch' themselves?

Do fill us in please.

Anonymous said...

what, no mention of anal boils on this page? must be the summer exodus.

Anonymous said...

The Friday's edition of Emirates Today was a laughing stock among many of us in the media industry. In fact, it was journalism at its worst.

The page one story - 'Ramadan Inspires Smokers to Quit' - for instance, was sent out as a press release on Tuesday. Newspapers including some regional English dailies carried the release on the very next day with no credits to any reporter. Not only does ET carry the same story with a few additional quotes on its Friday's edition but also gives credit to two of its reporters

There is nothing exclusive in the story either. Every year the same releases are sent by officials before Ramadan

For example look at this KT report§ion=theuae&col=

On the same day the page 4 story in ET was about a new GEMS school.

The press release was released by Aasda again on Tuesday and published in other dailies without any credits to any reporter the next day. "No self respecting reporters take credit for press releases" The release was carried by AME info on August 14

It's not over yet. On page six is another story titled, 'Solar taxi to drive home a message'

The same story was published in Gulf News on August 4

Is this what we call journalism here in the UAE?

Editors are either unaware of what is published in other newspapers or just do not care and just want to fill space.