Sunday, 3 June 2007

GN should be ashamed

The headline:
Marriage between close relatives 'does not pose health risk'

is nowhere near a fair summary of:

DUBAI — Marrying close relatives within the limits of religious sanctions may not necessarily pose health risks for offspring

"May not"=/="Does not"

Up next:
Shooting people in the head 'does not kill them'
Jumping off the Burj 'does not result in death'
Writing for Gulf News 'does not make you a journalist'


Anonymous said...

blimey, seems there is a shortage of subs in dubai who are not/may not be any good at their jobs.

Secret said...

Why r v not surprised...?

not said...

Secret: you mean 'y r v'

Anonymous said...

The story is a classic case of telling readers (or a certain group of readers) what they want to hear. It's so obvious with hereditary disorders that are rare in other countries, such as thallasemia, being rampant among UAE nationals that marrying close relatives is indeed a health risk. But we wouldn't want to upset the locals by telling them that marrying cousins is not only a bit weird and freaky in an Alabama kinda way but also dangerous, would we?