Sunday, 31 October 2010

Call for contributors

We're still alive, just. However several members of the team are no longer around, and sadly this place is sinking into a mire of inactivity.

So we'd love some new contributors. Just send an email - from an anonymous account - no need for your real name - to


Anonymous said...

"sadly this place is sinking into a mire of inactivity."

is that a comment on media life in dubai in general ?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed how unreadable The National's new website it? Broken links, no archive and pages that don't load. Anyone know who developed it, and how much it cost?

Anonymous said...

i am currently an employee for a media organization after seeing the state of media affairs here want to have a payback to these idiots.
any fellow journalist who share the same thinking let me know.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone subscribe to The Notional? It seems that giving away cars and electronics was not enough to persuade people to pay an extra dirham a copy. With less than 10,000 subscribers now and no more than 5,000 copies sold/given away each day, do you think ADMC will do a 24/7 job on this vanity publication and make it digital only?

Anonymous said...

Any ideas who this is?

A drunken British journalist punched a security guard in the face after he was found wandering around The Green Community, Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

The guard said he stopped the 34-year-old man after becoming suspicious when he saw him running.

The guard, a 26-year-old Egyptian, said: “I stopped him and he smelt of booze. I asked him for his ID and asked why he was running. He claimed that he was going to a friend’s villa nearby.

“He pointed at a villa and we went over and knocked on the door but no one answered. I asked him to stop knocking and tried to move him away.

“An argument broke out between us and he punched me and then kicked my car door. He also swore at me.”

The guard said he called the police.

A Dubai police officer said: “The call was about a man causing trouble and when we arrived we saw the British man next to the guard and we arrested him.”

The defendant has been charged with assault, abusive behaviour and criminal damage. He denied the charges yesterday, but admitted to consuming alcohol.

The defendant said: “An argument happened but I didn’t assault him or hit the car.”

The trial has been adjourned.

Anonymous said...

Guys, heard CPI organised the SME awards. Fantastic reviews from people. How the hell did they pull it off????

Lounge said...

To Anonymous: I seriously doubt it; i think he was referring the blog only.

I would have loved to apply if i wasn't so busy with updating my own website.

Anonymous said...

Which Dubai magazine company doesn't actually have a magazine licence for its flagship food magazine? They told advertisers they would launch the magazine on a set date and the managers never got around to filing that licence application. Blooper.

Anonymous said...

Jesus man, it's almost a month and a half since the last past. What's happening here?

Anonymous said...

Close this piece of shit down. Thank you. The guys in charge of internet Porn have told me they need more bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

beware of the magazine sales person has is conning advertisers. she has just started a new job as 'head of sales' which i Find incredible..
on her last magazine she convinced me to pay up front in return for free editorial. the mag closed and i havent been refunded at all. before that i had taken an advert out with her on a mans magazine and hey guess what that closed as well. we put that down to bad luck but now i think she is just a liar.and she has just had the audacity to ask me to advertise in her supermarkets brochure.
stay well clear of her i think she Is some sort of con person.

Anonymous said...

I advertised with her! The music magazine, right. She doesn't own it - I'm chasing him. He's a DJ come editor. But she knew they were closing definitely. She asked me to buy her advert off her and I nearly chased her out.

Anonymous said...

I dont think thats particularly fair. Its hard working in Media for most of the time complete scoundrels in the UAE. An editor will still have to write a salesperson will still have to sell how can you get paid otherwise? I wouldnt blame the monkey more the organ grinder.