Monday, 7 December 2009

Censorship in crisis

Has your publication been censored over the reporting of the Dubai crisis? And - as PR Week claims - has the PR machine at Dubai Inc failed?


Anonymous said...

Is the best you can come up with a dumb rhetorical question?

Anonymous said...


I am pretty certain that "Is the best you can come up with a dumb rhetorical question?" is the dumbest rhetorical question of all fucking time.

I bet you a real big success in Dubai.

Jeez - no wonder the place is flushing itself down the toilet.

anon_mediator said...

To anon @ 14:56... we'd actually like some people to man up and give examples. After all, the Dubai Inc machine claims the international media has got it wrong, and is blowing out of proportion. Meanwhile the international media claims Dubai media is being censored. Wouldn't you like to fight your corner (whichever it is) and answer? After all, how can the DMO writers possibly know first-hand the editorial policy at all publications?

Anonymous said...

Nobody censors The National!

We do that ourselves, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Talk of censorship is a red herring. I suspect that anyone working in local media can testify that the long arm of the censor rarely makes an appearance in or around the newsroom. Editors are not, except in rare occasions, getting phone calls from big men who insist that a certain story be yanked from the paper. The powers-that-be know how to send a message, and they know that local editors (particularly at publications bankrolled by the powers-that-be) would rather keep their jobs than rock the boat.

Anonymous said...

what about dubai's very own channel one.
has that been insighful in providing an accurate and impartial view of dubai's financial problems.

and what about the men at the heart of it all. where is Mohammed gergawi the former head of Dubai media city and the so called champion of freedom of expression ?

is he available for interview.


Anonymous said...

come on The National hacks, lets hear it....So, when everything was booming you excercised your 'journalistic credibility' having a pop at Dubai, much to the amusement of your untouchable Abu Dhabi parent. Now thats a bit touchy, you show your true selves...just another gov owned puff publication.

But none of you will leave, just like every other wingeing hack, you'll take your tax free dirham for the integrity you though you had.

Hilarous. You all thought you were different but just as every observer knew would've given up.

Believe it or not, Gulf Today once thought it was going to break new ground....National is just the same.

Come on, one of you, show some balls and the next time the ed spikes you, or edits you beyond recognition for writing about the DW debt, quit. Yeah right....its too cushy isn't it?


Yes, its ITP's fault, of course - but you are all still a bunch of lilly livered *&(^s.

Anonymous said...

how about a new topic? The National has shown its true colours with its insipid and benign reporting of the Dubai debt story? its just another PR lead pamphlet for the UAE gov and about as credible as Em Biz 24/7/...discuss.

Anonymous said...

expecting National to cover any news is like expecting sarah palin to talk sense...aint gonna happen.

national's purpose is not to cover news or provide analysis or even entertainment, but to make a certain turd feel important, that is all it is for.

the guys who work there will eventually take the whole company to the cleaners, just like AMG, but by then they would have not only paid off their mortgages but also bought a villa on one the islands.

national is a very expensive joke.

Anonymous said...

It's been widely reported in the international media that the initial reports of Dubai's impending collapse were off the mark. As much as the local media may sugar coat the story, many international media put an equally bitter, negative and equally innacurate spin on it. As ususal the truth lies in the middle but most people defend the media that suits their own bias.

Media bias is indemic everywhere. In the UK media Amanda Knox got what was coming to her, in the US she was the victim of a terrible injustice. You think your own media is better because it represents you. Journalists dream they shape or change people's opinions, and that is possible, but as Rupert will tell you it's really only about reflecting popular opinion, not forming it.

Anonymous said...

there are of course two sides to every story as anon 08 December, 2009 06:47 points out.

so obviously dubai has no economic problems and if it did they would be nothing to do with shaikh mohammed,who's omnipotence is exalted everywhere like king Julian in madagascar and of course dubai represents the apogee of excellence and the best place on the planet with the tallest building and best hotels and most alluring property developments and no cheap labour blah blah blah

Anonymous said...


Or Dubai is sinking into the sand and will disappear while all the expats party on and whip their slaves and blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

Let it be said for once and for all.

Labour is cheap because all the international heads of contracting companies want it like that to retain profits.

Two - the labourers despite embassy warnings, hearing all the stories in person or on radio or seeing them on television want to come.

Three, I have met maids here who have had extremely bad experiences, go home and then come back again and again.

Anonymous said...

I love Dubai.

It's attracted some of the best minds on the planet, some of the greatest architectures and some of the finest, most ethical business people. We are uplifting humankind to new heights in Dubai.

Any one who says it is not so must be a) psychologically damaged
b) didn't get their dream job in Dubai and is therefore just bitter and jealous.

Anonymous said...

are you on medication, 17:27?

Anonymous said...

What happened at Arabian Business last Thursday?

A story, along with the cover, were pulled after it was already printed...

Anonymous said...

I think irony ought to be banned as a mode of expression about Dubai. How about utilizing an understanding of geopolitics: Hong Kong, Singapore etc. Informal Empire. Frankly, it works, see modern (since 1980) China

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