Monday, 26 October 2009

No Cannes do

Thread submission:
This year's Middle East Film Festival presented a superb slate of movies, documentaries and shorts, so why does it continue to be the dullest event in the UAE's cultural calendar? Poor branding, weak marketing and worse PR, how does an event with so much money get it so very wrong?


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? I read in The National that FILM FESTIVAL ENDS WITH PRAISE ALL AROUND.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that when you expect Americans to come and understand local culture and act on it.

Who would have thought that the focus of the festival would be Iranian Cinema, the head of the jury is Iranian, the party after opening is for an Iranian Singer ( the director's iranian wife's friend).

There was good movies but for which audience? where were the stars?

Anonymous said...

maybe a couple more crackers will turn it around?

Anonymous said...

I am sure ITP had a hand in it.

Anonymous said...

What the f*** was Demi Moore doing there? She wasn't promoting a film but she was the only 'A' lister they had. Still, at least she left that Twitter Twat bloke of hers at home.

Anonymous said...

It was a well attended festival with tonnes of interesting movies from all over the place. Most of the screenings I went to were full and there were plenty of interesting Q&As.

I'd say it was a success.

The lack of A-listers - who cares. They shouldn't be trying to attract them anyway.

The biggest problem was Peter Scarlett's choice of gala movies. Mainstream Egyptian crap for two of the big red carpets when astounding films like Son of Babylon are relegated.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The National is getting more ridiculous by the day. Is there a difference between the Brand Abu Dhabi office and The National?

Also Khaleej Times is forcing their staff to work 6 day weeks while every week there are more resignations. Expect a gap in the UAE market very soon (Rahul Sharma's ego).


Anonymous said...

The problem is that everyone believes the crap that the National publishes. They are voicing what the festival wants with no professional integrity. why dont you try and check what has been published all over the Arab word. then you would get a real feel of the truth