Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, and bah humbugs of the season. Any of you media types care to make predictions for 2009? Guess the date Business 24-7 closes down? What new publications will Abdullatif launch in its place? And do we care?

Any nominations for the DMO New Year's DisHonours List?

Obviously, we've been lazy over Christmas and New Year and haven't even been in the office to while away our time on DMO. Postings may/may not resume shortly. In the mean time, send in your titbits of media gossip!


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does anyone happen to know why there are no DJ's on coast fm today..?
rumour has it that no-one was paid on dec 10th and neil petchmeister was wandering around giving 500dhs loans to those who were short of dosh.

Anonymous said...

classy journalism from GN again. They just get better and better.