Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Aussie exodus

As more and more Dubai media people seem to be fleeing Down Under, we've actually had a request by a newly-Sydney-based PR type for prospective job candidates. You don't need to be Australian - their company has been recruiting from the UK.

So if you're fed up of sand and camels and ITP then drop us an email to the usual place (dubaimediablog gmail) and we can pass the details on. No word if the package includes a six cylinder kangaroo, but you never know.


Anonymous said...

Slapping out PR for the Tolpuddle Martyrs? No thanks.

Anonymous said...
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Head Down said...

Since the posts are dropping like flies from this blog, how about this - verifiable, fair comment - story from Mugabe's own The Herald?


"Zimbabwe is hosting eight journalists from the Middle East as part of its "perception management programme", the state-owned Herald newspaper reported on Friday.

The paper quoted a Dubai-based British journalist as saying she "felt safe in Zimbabwe".

"I feel pretty welcome in Zimbabwe. I was greeted with smiling faces and I'm interested in seeing what the situation in Zimbabwe is like," said Kate Hazell of ITP, a publishing group in Dubai.

Another journalist, Adam Wilson of AMG media group, reportedly told the newspaper: "Zimbabwe is an amazing country with friendly people."

Meanwhile, food agencies have warned of famine in the strife-torn southern African country, saying nearly half of all Zimbabweans will be at risk of famine by the end of the year due to a maize shortfall. - Sapa"

(The above is taken from the South African Press Association, so no complaints about 'outing').

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty proud about the industry right now.