Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Muffling Morocco

Why is Gulf News being so alarmingly coy?

Dubai: A UAE-based relative of Madeleine McCann is trying to raise awareness in the Arab world of the young girl's disappearance.

Oil industry worker John Sweeney, an Abu Dhabi resident who is related to Madeleine's grandmother Eileen, said he is keen for Arabic speakers to learn about the plight of the four-year-old.

There are suspicions that Madeleine, who disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Portugal on May 3, has been taken to an Arab country (Gulf News has withheld the name of the nation).

If they mean Morocco, then that reported sighting has been all over the internet and newspapers for weeks.


Kid for sale: 500 dirhams said...

Um, because the inept and stupid staff are terrified the inept and stupid management will get bollocked by the inept and stupid authorities for implying criticism of a fellow Arab country?

Nobody likes hypocrites said...

Speaking of coy, why has this blog taken down the various posting criticising their hypocrisy and encouraging posters to put them into the public domain in the best tradiutions of the blog?
Why is it okay to attack the likes of Sawyer, Rees, Hunt and Co, but not them?
Come on DMO staffers, have the courage to identify yourselves...

Property in Morocco said...

Very sad theme.
The greatest grief for the parents do not know where to find their child,
whether he is alive or not. The McCanns are really strong people.
The whole world is watching this event.Hope dies last.